Having dependable health insurance that follows them anywhere is an important consideration for those who travel frequently or spend time away from their primary residence for extended periods.

When you have original Medicare as your primary insurance and a Medicare Supplement policy your coverage will be accepted by any doctor and any hospital in the USA as long as the provider accepts Medicare. Coverage is the same no matter where you are and claims are filed automatically with Medicare so you don’t need to be concerned with paying up front and hoping to be reimbursed later.

If you travel outside the USA your Medicare Supplement policy comes with a $50,000 emergency medical benefit. You will need to pay for treatment received outside the USA and then submit your claim for reimbursement. Sometimes it makes sense to purchase additional travel medical expense coverage. Check with your travel agent or call 1-800-649-9604 for assistance.

When you have a Medicare Advantage plan it includes a network of participating providers and the amount you pay for doctor and hospital care will depend on whether you go to those providers or to non-participating providers where you usually pay more, with the exception of emergencies. While having a Medicare Advantage plan can work for frequent travelers it will often require additional paperwork and some hassles dealing with non participating providers.

Coverage while traveling outside the USA with a Medicare Advantage plan will depend on the plan rules. Some will reimburse you for emergency care and some don’t. Purchasing travel medical expense coverage is advised so check with your travel agent or call 1-800-649-9604 for assistance.